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Sinbad: Pirates of the Seven Storms

Animation, Family, 2016 , 2D, 6+
Show start 27 October 2016

Sinbad, a young and easygoing pirate, is not very adept at pirating: he and his crew have not been able to capture a single ship in a year. But fate finally smiles at Sinbad: old Antioch shows him an ancient map and persuades him to set sail for Skeleton Island to seek buried treasure. What Sinbad doesn’t know is that Antioch is in fact a sorcerer who is pursuing his own evil plan… On top of that, Sinbad’s childhood friend Solara pops up out of nowhere. Is this true love? No, Sinbad doesn’t go down without a fight!

The way to Skeleton Island lies through the Sea of Seven Storms. In his adventures, Sinbad will face the Rope Monster, as well as his mortal enemy, Kesam the Pirate. But even when he finally reaches the island, his adventures do not end: The Cyclops, the enormous bird Roc and her little son Rocky, await Sinbad and his crew.

  • Produsser
  • Sergey Selyanov
  • Director
  • Vlad Barbe
  • Country
  • Russia
  • Production
  • CTB Film Company, Skazka Studio with support from the Cinema Foundation
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