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Fortress / Krepost

Animation / Adventure, 2015 , 6+
Show start 2013

The Polish army has a firm grip on the Russian town of Smolensk - the town is under siege. But giving up is far from the minds of voivode Shein and his warriors. If it weren’t for Filimon the baker’s apprentices - Sasha and Fedor - the Polish king would have entered the town long ago. Fedor becomes a scribe for the Deacon, and Sasha makes bombs out of dough and tries to summon King Fiery Lance to help the besieged. The traitor must be unmasked and the crafty enemy outsmarted.

  • Produsser
  • Alexander Boyarskiy, Sergey Selyanov
  • Director
  • Fedor Dmitriev
  • Country
  • Russia
  • Production
  • "Melnitsa Animation" studio, CTB film company
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