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Drama, 2010
Show start March 11, 2010

After graduating from high school passed, perhaps only three years. More recently, they were ordinary "classmates": She and two friends - Fedor and Stepan (Baton and Bulldie). Once, more recently, schoolchildren, but do something else now and until now - she and Theodore were the most beautiful couple in the school. It became the custom in their minds, in the minds of their friends and parents.

And now school is over, and the inertia left, and her feelings seem to have had other, older, or have changed, or simply gone.

And you have a lot of courage and a real maturity to understand this drama, not to prolong the deceit, to tell yourself and others the truth.

It's difficult, sometimes even to despair difficult because everything got used, that they - just "a beautiful couple, and for life.

Then the school drama before our eyes becomes answered by a serious tragedy. Particularly frightening when a number of the second person - Stepan, he's jolly Bulldie, who knows, all these long years of unrequited and silent too was in love with her ...

  • Director
  • Sergey Solov'ev
  • Country
  • Russia
  • Production
  • Студия "Линия кино" Компания "Ниском"
  • Length
  • 100 min
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