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Sword Bearer

Mystical thriller, 2006
Show start 12.10.2006

The Sword Bearer successfully combines elements of a thriller and mystery resulting in a suspenseful dramatic and dynamic film full of action, chasing and fighting. The Sword Bearer is a drama about how society makes a monster out of a man and how that man transforms his feelings first into hatred and then into love. Sasha is wanted by both bandits and the police. But they can`t even suspect that he possesses power that is able to destroy anything in his path. Trouble lurks for anyone who manages to catch up with him. One day he meets a girl who falls in love with him and is not afraid of his supernatural abilities. Will Sasha be able to save love, a thing that is so fragile in this cruel world?



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  • Produsser
  • Sergey Selyanov
  • Director
  • Philipp Yankovsky
  • Country
  • Russia
  • Production
  • CTB Film Company
  • Length
  • 108 min.
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  • $ 4 130 000
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